To see the illusion and begin to feel the stirring of new insight, the awakening of a truth that connects you to the deepest part of yourself, the eternal centre where nothing exists and everything can be found.

Are you searching for a deeper meaning to your life?

We spend most of our waking moments lost in the endless chatter of our minds, jumping from thought to thought, analysing situations and worrying about future events. In all this activity, we’re seldom present to the moment, to the people around us – and the reality of our lives.

Leonis School offers a unique opportunity for transformative inner work (see About Us). Originally based on the ideas of Gurdjieff, our teaching is timeless, embracing the essence of many great spiritual traditions.

The essence of the Leonis teaching exists in the moment of being still, then relating to life from new heart and new intelligence.

Leonis is a living, breathing teaching that uses meditation, music and sacred dance to bring about stillness as a foundation for conscious living, allowing us to become whole again and discover why we are here.

Discover how to bring the benefits of stillness into your everyday life

Learn practical techniques to quieten the mind, free yourself from habitual thinking and improve your health and wellbeing. Stillness in action classes are held on two Saturdays every month, 9.45-10.45 am in Belrose, Sydney. Contact Virginia Rose on 0418 635 388 to register.

See What’s On for further class details.